HM No 6 Rare Dry Gin

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HM No 5 was supposed to be our Rare Dry but when Gavin, our head distiller, became heavy handed with the oranges in production (read the story here) No 5 became the award winning Orange Squeeze. It now really was time to make a gin that Traditional gin drinkers would love. Enter the real Rare Dry Gin.

For the base of the Rare Dry gin we use the highest purity alcohol available in Australia and a generous portion of Juniper berries that are sourced from Hungary. We further add coriander seeds, cassia sticks that are shredded into smaller portions and finish off with finely cut locally grown lemon and anise myrtles. It’s a simple recipe that hits the spot in terms of nose, palette and finish. The resultant concentrated gin is very smooth with a taste akin to the more traditional gin products. It comes out of the still with an average alcohol by volume (ABV) of 79%.

The gin is then stored in stainless-steel tanks and after some time is diluted to 43% ABV, bottled and packed ready to enjoy.

This is the gin that (long standing) gin drinker’s drink. We tend to enjoy it neat over ice, or with some tonic and a fresh slice of orange. This gin is versatile and mixes beautifully with most cocktails but if you’re a martini drinker then this is your go to HM Gin. Check out our classic martini recipe here.


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HM Rare Dry Gin

HM cocktail suggestion


75ml HM No 6 Rare Dry Gin
15ml Dry vermouth
Optional dash of orange bitters
15ml Sugar syrup
2 olives

1. Chill your martini glass
2. To a mixing glass add ice, gin, vermouth and the optional orange bitters
3. Stir for 30 seconds
4. Strain into your chilled martini glass and garnish with olives

 There are so many ways you can serve our gins, find your perfect gin cocktail



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