{Cocktail RECIPES}

Explore our range of HM Gin cocktail recipes. Each gin cocktail recipe has been carefully curated and of course taste tested to showcase our gins flavour profile. From the classics, fruity favourites and party starters, we have a gin cocktail recipe to match every occasion.

Taste all the flavours of an elegant Pinot Noir gin, soda and more to make a delicious cocktail

If summer was a cocktail this is what it would taste like.  The Orange Squeeze Sprits is a refreshing crowd pleaser.

Festive twist on a classic G&T, mixing cinnamon & orange showcasing our HM Rare Dry Gin.

Passionfruit and our HM Orange Squeeze Gin make the perfect combination. 

The fresh lemon & lime flavour of our Woodcutter Gin perfectly balances the combination of ginger & mint the Moscow Mule is famous for.

A bright and delicious take on the classic negroni. Full of flavour and  made with our HM No 1 Signature Gin.

A refreshing blend of muddled fresh strawberries and mint, paired with our HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin.

Balanced and deliciously fresh to taste cocktail that is based on a classic gimlet but with a twist.

Lamby’s Gin perfectly paired with ginger and orange is a party starter.

A bittersweet cocktail combining gin, campari, cointreau and fresh lemon juice.

Feeling experimental, this gin fizz made with fresh grapefruit juice is for you.

Enjoy all the flavours of a traditional hot cross bun and more with this cocktail.

Classic gin cocktail, made with our HM Signature Gin.

 All about freshness, this long cocktail celebrates elderflower and apple.

Our oaky Woodcutter gin, mixed with ginger and lime – need we say more?

Our HM Rare Dry Gin is the star of this classic gin martini recipe.

Refreshing summer cocktail combining the zesty flavours of orange and lime.

There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with this deliciously fruity Christmas punch.

The sweet citrus flavour of Cointreau with the dryness of Prosecco and our HM Hot Cross Bun Gin provides the perfect balance for this a deliciously tasty spritz.

A tangy and sweet cocktail made showcasing our Blushing Pink Gin.



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