Made with our HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin, this cocktail is a refreshing blend of muddled fresh strawberries and mint. The agave nectar adds a hint of sweetness that compliments our HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin. Enjoy.

Strawberry Gin Cocktail

45ml HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin
3 Medium sized strawberries
8 Mint leaves
20ml Agave nectar or 15ml sugar syrup
15ml Lemon juice
Soda water

1. Add strawberries, mint leaves and agave nectar/sugar syrup to your tall cocktail glass. Muddle ingredients together.
2. Fill the glass with ice then add gin and lemon juice. 
3. Top up with soda water (30-50mls) and
stir ingredients until everything is well combined.

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