At HM Gin we are driven by our passion to make everyone a gin lover. Meet the team spreading the love of gin all across Australia, one sip at a time!

Gavin Shaw

Head distiller / Co-founder

Industrial chemist, condom manufacturing expert, corporate expat living the life in Sri Lanka and Malaysia for 7 years, building and selling businesses – I’ve covered a fair amount of ground over the years. You can read about it here. What started out as hobby in another Melbourne COVID lockdown has become a real passion for Amy and I. We are working harder than ever and loving it. It’s a great industry full of characters and laughs.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, scuba diving and going to the gym for a chinway + some exercise
Favorite HM Gin: Woodcutter gin over ice.

Amy Shaw

Distiller / Co-founder

Prior to co-founding HM Gin with my dad Gavin, I spent close to ten years working in the finance industry. I loved my career as a digital manager but one night over drinks a friend looked at me and said “Amy, every time you talk about what you’re doing with your dad, you light up”. It was in that moment I realised I needed to quit my job and see what dad and I could really make of it.

Hobbies: Playing cricket, watching bad reality tv and travelling.
Favorite HM Gin: I’m a dry gin gal so it has to be HM Rare Dry Gin.

Sean Dixon

Brand ambassador

Before joining the team at HM Gin I had a long and successful career in the hospitality industry. From being head cocktail bartender at premium Melbourne venues to running my own riverside pub in the UK, I have experienced everything that the hospitality industry has to offer. 

I now get to share my passion and knowledge with Amy and Gav at HM, and get our wonderful gin out into the world.  

Hobbies: Singing and playing guitar at pubs and festivals
Favorite HM Gin: I simply can’t go past a Woodcutter Old Fashioned

Sean Dixon


Distillery dog/Chief cuddle officier

Dusty is a big part of our distillery. Always on hand for a cuddle or a impromptu play. If his not helping in the distillery he can be found sleeping in the sun or looking for a ball to play with.

Hobbies: Walks, eating and cuddles.


Spirited fun
We make gin because we love and have fun doing it. We’ve both had careers in different industries and growing HM Gin is just simply fun. We want all the gin lovers to have just as much fun enjoying HM gin as we do making it.
Every HM Gin must be smooth. No if buts about it, even though we know not everyone enjoys gin neat, for us if it’s not smooth, it’s not a HM Gin.
As a father daughter duo everything we do comes back to family, creating and sharing memories together. This extends to all the gin lovers, through our gins and hospitality
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