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Woodcutter Gin

Lumberjacks, gin fanatics, and everybody else, meet Hillmartin Distillery’s signature Woodcutter Gin.

This is a truly unique gin that stands on its own. Chances are, it’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before. With only the purest quality alcohol used in the mix, you’re sure to love what we’ve crafted.

Order one today to gift a friend or family member. You won’t regret it!

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Lemon and lime, juniper, coriander and lemon myrtle blend together to give a depth of flavour to this spirit which we find zesty, fruity and complex.

You’ll notice a delightful honey colour in the bottle, to which you can thank French oak spirals. This gives a subtle depth to the gin, making it a brilliantly balanced combination of a citrus and lemon myrtle with undertones of caramel and oak flavours.

The fragrant complexity and fresh citrus notes of the Woodcutter Gin pair well with a range of mixers but in particular ginger ale. You can also throw in a slice of lemon and some mint to elevate the flavours of the cocktail.

Our Best Woodcutter Gin Selections

Try a bottle of our iconic Woodcutter Gin today. Head to our online store to find even more award-winning products from Hillmartin Distillery, and take home as many as your heart desires!

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Interested? We’re not surprised. You can buy Woodcutter Gin online from Hillmartin Distillery today. Shop Woodcutter Gin online through our online store and explore more about our unique distillation process.

Our Rich, Caramel Oak Gin Delivers To Your Door

Need delivery in Australia? No problems. We’ll send our delicious Woodcutter gin straight to your door, so you can enjoy it immediately.

People Also Ask

Where can I buy Woodcutter Gin online?

HM Gin is home to Australia’s #1 Woodcutter Gin. Check it out to buy Woodcutter Gin online today. If you like, you can have your bottles delivered to your door.

What is Woodcutter Gin?

Our Woodcutter Gin contains top-quality juniper berries. We combine these with coriander, coconut sugar, and finely-chopped, locally-cultivated lemon myrtle, along with fresh lemons and limes placed in the botanical basket to infuse the gin vapours.

Our Woodcutter Gin also makes use of French oak spirals. With a large surface area, French oak spirals are the ideal ingredient for maximum oak-flavour infusion. The wood further harmonises the herbal flavours for a rich, silky, and delectable finish. They also give the Woodcutter Gin its organic honey colour.

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Woodcutter Gin - Testimonials & Reviews

“Gin of the Day …. @hillmartingin No.2/Woodcutter Gin. This gin is made with botanicals like juniper (of course) coriander, coconut sugar and finely cut locally grown lemon myrtle. Then infuse with fresh lemons and limes. After this it is stored with French Oak spirals which give the gin its natural honey colour. The oak further balances the botanical flavours for a richly smooth finish. My favourite way to enjoy this gin is with @fevertreeaustralia Spiced Orange Ginger ale and a fresh-sliced orange.”

@josettes.cocktail.lounge, Instagram

“Gin of the Day!! @hillmartingin This gin is from a Melbourne gin distillery, Gavin and his daughter Amy make a few gorgeous gins. I have their Orange Squeeze, Blushing Pink and this one is their no2 Woodcutter. A refreshing G&T with a @spiced orange ginger ale. Supporting the locals!!”

@josettes.cocktail.lounge, Instagram

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HM Woodcutter Gin

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