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At HM Gin, gin is our passion and we could talk about it all day. We’ve created GIN-FO to help share our knowledge and connect with fellow gin lovers. Explore our GIN-FO blogs and you’ll learn all there is to know about gin. You’ll be a gin expert in no time with an abundance of gin facts.

HM Hot Cross Bun Gin tastes exactly like Easter.
Learn how we perfected the recipe, distillation process and more.

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HM Seven Spice Chai gin is big on flavour thanks to its irresistible blend of seven exotic spices, juniper berries and honey.
Learn it’s origin story, distillation process and so much more.

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Venture beyond the traditional gin and tonic and delve into some innovative and delicious alternatives.

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In this blog we will delve into the origins of the Woodcutter, learn what gives it’s distinctive flavour profile and more.

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As a young distillery owner here is what I learnt in one week visiting some of the World’s biggest gin distillery’s in London.

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Here is our at home cocktail guide containing the 5 best gin cocktails to make at home.

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So what is a London Dry Gin? Well it might not be what you expect, click through and learn all there is to know about dry gins.

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To help you cheers this Easter we have put together our top 5 Best Easter Gin Cocktails.

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To showcase the diversity of this beloved beverage, we have collaborated with our friends at Abruzzo Lab to create the ultimate dinner party menu.

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Flavoured gin’s are everywhere these days, learn all there is know about the contemporary gin style.

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At HM Gin we are a father daughter duo on a mission to make everyone a gin lover. We are focused on crafting quality gin that is rich in flavour and smooth to taste, over ice or mixed.

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At HM Gin we have a range of awarded gins, gin gift packs and merchandise.

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See our comprehensive list of gin cocktails that have been thoughtfully crafted.

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