Introduction to London Dry Gin

So what actually is a London Dry Gin? I’m sure you’ve heard the term dry gin before but do know what makes a Gin a London Dry Gin. Read through our Introduction to London Dry Gin and you’ll be an expert in no time.

What is a London Dry Gin or Dry Gin?

The term London Dry Gin or often just referred to as dry gin doesn’t describe a flavour, the term refers to the gin making process. To be considered a London Dry Gin all flavours must come from the distillation process, not after the run and only natural botanicals are to be used as part of distillation. No colour can be added to the dry gin post distillation.

Types of London Dry Gin

There are countless types of London Dry Gins. As mentioned as long as the flavours are extracted through the distillation process and all the botanicals are natural, the gin is considered a dry gin.

What separates all distillers making the same flavour or type of dry gin is the base spirit and combination of botanicals used in the still. For example we use a grain based spirit and a combination of botanicals that results in a classic and uniquely smooth dry gin.

What do London Dry Gin’s taste like?

There is no one defined taste of London Dry Gin. As mentioned previously London Dry Gin is a defined process rather than defining the ingredients to be used (other than juniper) and hence dry gins can vary markedly in their flavour profiles. There is generally a misconception that a dry gin cannot contain any sweetness but it could as it really comes down to the botanicals used in the distillation process. At HM Gin we use a variety of fresh citrus, dry botanicals such as Australian myrtles, cinnamon and cassia to add spice and of course juniper to craft our award-winning dry gins.

How to serve a dry gin?

How you serve a dry gin really comes down to the flavour profile of that particular gin. For example, our HM No 1 Rare Dry is our most versatile dry gin so is a perfect match in any gin cocktail or drink.

In comparison our HM No 4 The Twist Gin is better suited in a sour gin cocktail. The Twist is super zesty as the still is loaded with fresh lemons and limes in the process of distilling this type of London Dry gin.

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