HM Orange Squeeze Gin

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This gin is a citrus lovers dream with it’s commanding navel orange flavour and aroma under pinned with a double dose of juniper berries. Incredibly smooth on the palette with a subtle hint of spice.

Awarded Silver at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022.

Natural ingredients, vegan and gluten free

Orange Gin – The Burst of Citrus You’ve Been Looking For

When dad and I set out on our mission to convert everyone into gin lovers, our aim was to craft a diverse range of gins. From the timeless London Dry style to the vibrant contemporary flavours that have driven the gin industry forward, our journey has been fuelled by innovation and passion.

Crafting HM Orange Squeeze Gin

For the base of our Orange Squeeze Gin, we use the highest purity alcohol available in Australia and a double dose of juniper berries to bring out a bold juniper flavour. We then add coriander seeds, cinnamon, cassia sticks, and finely cut locally grown lemon and anise myrtles. And, of course, we include fresh navel oranges. The botanical basket is also filled with fresh navel oranges to further infuse the gin with navel orange flavour. With so much orange, it’s no wonder the Orange Squeeze tastes as good as it does.

The resulting concentrated gin has a smooth and rounded taste with a distinctive navel orange finish. It comes out of the still with an average alcohol by volume (ABV) of 78%. The gin is then stored in stainless-steel tanks, and after some time, it is diluted to 43% ABV, bottled, and packed, ready for you to enjoy.
Orange Squeeze Gin stands out from the crowd and you’ll know why once you taste it.


Distilled in a London Dry style our Orange Squeeze Gin is incredibly versatile.

Orange Squeeze Spritz

30ml HM Orange Squeeze Gin
20ml Fresh orange juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Orange slice to garnish

1. Fill your glass with ice.
2. Pour in your gin, orange juice and sugar syrup. Lightly stir to combine.
3. Top glass with Prosecco and add your garnish. Lightly stir again.

Orange Squeeze Spritz Cocktail Recipe

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At HM Gin we are a father daughter duo on a mission to make everyone a gin lover.

Our passion for HM Gin comes from our shared love of producing high quality craft gins. HM Gin started as a lockdown hobby in 2020 and has since been awarded Australia’s best London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards in 2023.

Being a father daughter duo we have a unique dynamic that helps us get the best out of each other and pushes us to achieve our mission of making everyone a gin lover.

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Spirited fun
We make gin because we love and have fun doing it. We’ve both had careers in different industries and growing HM Gin is just simply fun. We want all the gin lovers to have just as much fun enjoying HM gin as we do making it.
Every HM Gin must be smooth. No if buts about it, even though we know not everyone enjoys gin neat, for us if it’s not smooth, it’s not a HM Gin.
As a father daughter duo everything we do comes back to family, creating and sharing memories together. This extends to all the gin lovers, through our gins and hospitality
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