{ Hot Cross Bun Gin Spritz Cocktail Recipe }

We love a gin spritz at HM Gin and we created this gin cocktail recipe to showcase all the traditional hot cross bun flavours that can be experienced from our HM Hot Cross Bun Gin. The sweet citrus flavour of Cointreau elevates the HM Hot Cross Bun Gin and the dryness of the Prosecco provides balances . This Hot Cross Bun Gin Spritz cocktail recipe is the perfect way to cheers over Easter.

HM Hot Cross Bun Gin


15ml Cointreau (if you want to reduce the volume of alcohol, swap for orange juice)
60ml Prosecco
10ml Sugar syrup
30ml Soda water (or to your liking)
Lots of ice
Orange slice and cinnamon stick to garnish


1. To a wine glass with ice add gin, Cointreau(orange juice), sugar syrup and then stir to combine.
2. Add your orange slice and cinnamon stick garnish.
3. Pour in Prosecco and top with soda water. Give your spritz a light stir.
4. Enjoy.

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